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Welcome to SOLTEC Solar Solutions.
Solar solutions from residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural use.

Welcome to SOLTEC

Based in Lahore, Pakistan, SOLTEC specializes in solar energy solutions targeting the Pakistani market. Our design and engineering team has demonstrated the capability to handle the complexities of these systems, with a number of fully operational deployments in the market. View More »


About us

Soltec is a project of Mujab Trading Company, involved in designing of energy efficient solar solutions. We provide domestic, industrial, agricultural and commercial solutions that achieve the high energy ratings and comfort levels. View More »

Types of Systems


Solar Hybrid System.
A grid connected solar system allows you to use the electricity grid when the solar system is not generating enough electricity to satisfy the.. More »


Solar Stand Alone System.
Stand alone power systems are usually used where power requirements are relatively low and a grid connection or generator is not.. More »