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How it Works

Solar Hybrid System

A grid connected solar system allows you to use the electricity grid when the solar system is not generating enough electricity to satisfy the demand. The main purpose of this type of solar system is to reduce energy bills.

The system is designed to power the load whole day (8-10 hours) from solar. After sun down, it will switch to WAPDA and provide extended hour backup of 3 hours for “full load” which will be stored during the day time. With reasonable load management, this backup can be increased to 4-5 hours.

Model Panel Wattage Load
SOG-500 300 watt 2 fans, 4 lights
SOG-1000 600 watt 4 fans, 8 energy savers
SOG-2000 1.2 KW 2 fans, 4 energy savers, 1 fridge, 1 LCD, 1 PC
SOG-5000 4 KW 2 fans, 4 energy savers, 1 fridge, 1 LCD, 1 PC, 1.5 ton invertor A/C


Solar Stand Alone System

Stand alone power systems are usually used where power requirements are relatively low and a grid connection or generator is not available or required. These systems use battery banks to store excess electricity generated during the day so that it can be used when your solar system is not generating sufficient power. When choosing to install a stand alone system it must be correctly sized to ensure that a reliable power supply can be achieved. Another factor to consider is that batteries can be expensive and will require on-going maintenance.

Solar Stand Alone System


Solar Hybrid UPS System


  • UPS back up time increases by 100% (double) i.e. 6 to 12 hours
  • Battery life increases by almost 90% due to being fully charged up during day time by solar even during day time heavy load-shedding.
  • Trouble free maintenance with solar panels life of 25 years.

Solar UPS

Solar Hybrid UPS Packages

Model Panel Wattage Load Working HRS Consistent Full Load Backup
SHU-300 100 watt 1 fan, 3 lights 12-14 Hrs 4-5 Hrs
SHU-600 200 watt 2 fan, 3 lights, TV 12-14 Hrs TV 4 Hrs 3-4 Hrs
SHU-1000 400 watt 4 fans, 4 lights, 2 TV/DVD 12-14 Hrs DVD 3 Hrs 3-4 Hrs
SHU-2000 600 watt 3 fans, 4 lights, 1 REF, 1 PC, 1 TV, 1 DVD/REC 12-14 Hrs Fans / Lights / Ref / TV / DVD / PC 4-6 Hrs 3-4 Hrs
SHU-2500 1000 watt 10 fans, 20 lights, 1 REF, 3 PC, 1 TV, 1 DVD/REC 12-14 Hrs Fans / Lights / Ref / TV / DVD / PC 6-8 Hrs 3-4 Hrs

Assumptions: light 24 watts energy savers.
Battery health is 100% for above backup, and UPS is of good quality.