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Solar Energy Potential in Pakistan

Pakistan - A Country with Infinite Opportunities

Pakistan lies in an area of one of the highest solar insulations in the world and has immense solar resources, suitable for both Photovoltaic (PV) and Thermal i.e. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) applications.

There are certain regions of south, Quetta valley and Central Punjab that receive maximum solar radiation. The Annual Direct Normal Solar Radiation for CSP is in the range of 7-7.5 KWh/m2/day in many parts of Balochistan and between 6.5-7 KWh/m2/day in other parts of Balochistan. 5-5.5 KWh/m2/day in Southern Punjab and Northern Sindh and around 4.5-5 KWh/m2/day in rest of Pakistan (Figure).

According to Pakistan Energy Book 2004-05, solar energy falling on 0.25% Balochistan province would be adequate to meet current requirement of the country with 20% efficient devices. According to an estimate, there is about 2,900,000 MW of solar energy potential available in Pakistan.

Solar Energy Potential in Pakistan